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NMAX AI - Hardware Architect & Designer at Flex Logix
Mountain View, CA, US



Part of our exciting new team for NMAX: a highly efficient Neural Network inference engine. Designing

the NMAX core encompasses multiple components:

- Design the NMAX systolic array for highly-efficient, reconfigurable implementation of a range of

CNN/DNN inference models

- Design the EFLX embedded FPGA control logic for efficient control of the NMAX arrays

- Design memory (SRAM/DRAM) architecture for efficient utilization of NMAX arrays

- NMAX core will be first prototyped on FPGA and then taped-out in silicon





BSEE/MSEE with 3 years of industry experience: must have hands-on experience with RTL design and


Must be passionate about doing this job: wanting to change the world and work hard doing it

Must be entrepreneurial in spirit and an innovative problem solver

Must be willing to do what it takes to get the job done


Preferred or willing to learn:

- Familiarity with DNN/CNN models and hardware architecture

- Knowledge of computer architecture, especially in systolic arrays

- Familiarity with memory architecture in SoC

- Experience with FPGA design and ASIC design

- Experience with FPGA and ASIC EDA tools

- Experience interfacing with back-end teams (silicon engineering) as well as Sales & Applications


MUST live in Silicon Valley and have a US citizenship or permanent residency (“green card”), or holding a

current H1-B visa