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Robot Pilot at Kindred
Toronto, Ontario, CA
At Kindred, we are on a mission to build human-like intelligence in machines. Since 2014, we've been paving the way for a world filled with more powerful and helpful AI systems.  We bring together reinforcement learning, machine learning, and remote human guidance to create intelligent robots that solve real-world problems alongside humans in complex, changing environments like today's supply chain.
About the role:
As a Robot Pilot, you will control and teach our robot new skills. This function is critical to help us create intelligent and production-ready robots as we launch them in real world settings. This role is highly collaborative in nature. Qualities that will contribute to your success in this role include strong interpersonal communication skills, a keen sense of team-play, and a proven ability to prioritize effectively. These qualities are doubly important, as the Pilot team also serves as the first line of customer support for enterprise customers using our robots.
At Kindred, our Robot Pilots are a core part of our Operations team. Pilots are (literally!) the driving force behind our robots. The work from this role is what allows our product and engineering teams to continuously improve our robots’ reliability and functionality; ultimately resulting in a stronger and more trustworthy product.


    • Our customers will require our robots to be running 16-20 hours per day. Because of this, our aim is to have two main shifts of 8-10 hours each (overtime will be fairly typical) 5 days a week, with high potential for a 6th day being added.

Team Goals/Objectives:

    • Maintain round-the-clock operation of deployed robots
    • Exceed customer benchmarks for action speed and accuracy
    • Provide the clearest possible user feedback to internal product and engineering teams, ensuring detailed documentation of outlier situations or bugs
    • Collaborate to troubleshoot any failures, errors or problem areas

Individual Responsibilities:

    • Pilot robots (testing for speed/accuracy/movement paths/functionality)
    • Collaborate with the piloting team, as well as with the product and engineering teams to provide user feedback, communicate issues or improvements, and troubleshoot any failures
    • Act as the first tier of customer support for customer-associates working with our product
    • Train subsequent pilot hires


    • Strong interest in gaming and Robotics
    • High technical aptitude
    • Strong interpersonal communication skills and sense of team-play
    • A sense of urgency - important to understand the importance of providing timely feedback
    • Enjoys taking initiative and ownership in identifying areas of improvement

Preferred Qualifications:

    • Has some leadership experience
    • 2-3 years of work experience in a professional environment
    • Minimum education required: College degree or equivalent