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Staff Software Engineer - Generalist at Common Networks
San Francisco, CA, US
Common Networks was founded on the idea that everyone should have a choice for fast, affordable access to broadband internet. Right now, most homes in the U.S. don't, in fact 62% of homes live in a monopoly broadband market. High-speed access unlocks all the superpowers on the internet. When it works, it can be a great leveling force across the world, giving everyone access to educational tools, entertainment, immediate translations, or even medical care that they wouldn’t otherwise have.
Common Networks provides suburban neighborhoods with internet using wireless technology. We interconnect homes in a neighborhood, creating a mesh network between homes and our fiber internet sources. A whole community can then have fast and reliable internet service with only a few locations needing fiber access.
We're looking for a strong generalist to join our small engineering team. We're building a new ISP from the ground up and rethinking conventional wisdom as we go. A typical week involves building everything from front end JavaScript UI to networking control plane software in Go to inventing new graph algorithms to solve problems across our mesh. We want engineers who are excited by interesting problems, who like collaborating with others and who know that perfect is the enemy of done.

What you do

    • Design systems and coordinate engineers to solve major business needs
    • Work with product owners to rapidly translate business needs into production-quality software
    • Investigate, explore, and master new technical topics; quickly learn new skills as necessary
    • Verify systems via writing test/deployment plans and automated tests
    • Produce exemplary documentation for systems to ensure they remain maintainable and easy to extend
    • Mentor junior engineers in strong software engineering discipline and practices
    • Proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks, address technical debt, and improve performance

Who you are

    • You love to code, and you’re excited to work at a place where you spend 90% of your day heads down coding.
    • You’re relentlessly curious.  When something breaks, you’re not satisfied with surface-level explanations and proximate causes, you need to know what the underlying issue was and you’re not afraid to dig in and find out for yourself.
    • You enjoy working closely with other engineers, whether it’s bouncing ideas around after stand-up or mentoring new hires.  You thrive in a highly collaborative environment and embrace diversity of thought and experience when thinking through your designs.
    • You’ve mastered your craft over many years of professional engineering.  You’ve got a feel for when to quickly rush out an MVP and when to architect for years down the line.  You write excellent documentation, you know how to fully explore a solution space, and you know the value of good automated tests.


    • 8+ years writing software professionally
    • Mastery of multiple programming languages (bonus if one of those is golang)
    • Experience leading large projects through design, implementation, and long term maintenance
    • Demonstrated ownership of large, mission-critical functionality
    • Experience with DVCS, automated testing and scaling software systems

Nice to have

    • Strong Linux experience
    • Extensive networking experience
    • Experience with fixed wireless networking
    • Experience with golang