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Summer Internship 2019 at Spell
New York City, NY, US

All the work we do sits on a bedrock of building state-of-the-art hardware and software infrastructure. With Deep Learning, bigger is almost always better, and faster execution means more exploration and more discovery. Infrastructure is core to what we do and we are looking to hire the worlds best minds to help us design these systems.

Our customers rely on us to Get Things Done and so we have to be passionate about giving them the best product experience we possibly can. Our Engineers design the interfaces that engineers will use to interact with the system - from designing your environment to sharing datasets with others, to command line tools for managing a compute cluster; all of these surfaces need to be thoughtfully designed to be most efficient and useful to someone working within Spell.

In conjunction with our CLI tool, we also need to provide a simple, easy-to-use web interface for managing our customer’s entire workflow from end-to-end. This includes displaying the effectiveness of their experiments, providing tools for optimizing for the best results, allowing interactivity with large datasets, and deploying and scaling models to production that include visualizations for monitoring and alerting. All of these products need to be both well-engineered and reliable and built with deep empathy for our customers.

  • Languages: Python, Go, HTML, JS, Sass, Markdown
  • Platforms: AWS, GCP

Our ideal candidate would have:
● Working on or have BA/BS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or a closely related field or equivalent experience.
● Demonstrated success in an internship where you have shipped and committed code to a codebase
● Experience designing products for other developers through multiple iterations of prod-
uct and feedback
● A connection to and passion for modern development tools and a natural tendency to engage with the community
● A passion for helping people work through building them the best tools


  • 12 Week paid internship, $7000 per month
  • 3 Days of PTO per month
  • First-hand experience and education writing and committing code to our codebase
  • Free Monthly Metrocards for the extent of the Internship
  • Snacks, social events, and other group activities throughout the summer
  • Access to Spell compute resources for personal research