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Product Release Manager at Common Networks
San Francisco, CA, US
Common Networks was founded on the idea that everyone should have a choice for fast, affordable access to broadband internet. Right now, most homes in the U.S. don't, in fact 62% of homes live in a monopoly broadband market. High-speed access unlocks all the superpowers on the internet. When it works, it can be a great leveling force across the world, giving everyone access to educational tools, entertainment, immediate translations, or even medical care that they wouldn’t otherwise have.
Common Networks provides suburban neighborhoods with internet using wireless technology. We interconnect homes in a neighborhood, creating a mesh network between homes and our fiber internet sources. A whole community can then have fast and reliable internet service with only a few locations needing fiber access.
As the Product Release Manager you’ll be responsible for ensuring safe and timely software releases to customer homes, network devices, and backend services. You’ll manage the software build, release, and quality assurance processes that allow us to iterate rapidly on our state-of-the-art mesh network without incurring customer downtime. As you evolve our processes, you’ll document all processes, write specs for portions we can automate, and monitor release status for early signs of regressions. Unlike many other tech companies, we also have a heavy operational and hardware component to our business, so your role will also be to coordinate with those teams to ensure that maintenance in the field and hardware deployments are all coordinated with software releases.

What you do

    • Manage our binary app build train process; building, qualifying, and shipping our binaries on a regular cadence
    • Perform basic QA to ensure binary apps ship without regressions
    • Assist in regression and outage investigations as they pertain to software releases
    • Incident Management: Coordinating with cross-functional teams to review all incidents and drive action items to completion.
    • Plan and communicate maintenance activities and downtimes, deploy window restrictions, etc. across multiple cross-functional teams
    • Maintain the full picture of all software, hardware, and field deployments, ensuring that they are well coordinated, do not conflict with each other, and cause minimal customer impact.

Who you are

    • Organized. Adept at project management. You love thinking about how to improve the process and team to make things work more efficiently and smoothly. You always look for ways to innovate and improve.
    • Detail oriented. You sweat the small stuff and don’t let things slip through the cracks. You understand the difference between letting something slip through the cracks vs. actively de-prioritizing edge cases.
    • An excellent communicator.  You have many audiences - engineers, operators, business analysts, etc.  You know how to structure written and verbal communications clearly for each audience.
    • A “get-it-done” person. You know that done is better than perfect and are energized by constantly delivering and moving things forward. You roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the next release out the door.
    • Relentlessly curious.  When something breaks, you’re not satisfied with surface-level explanations and proximate causes, you need to know what the underlying issue was and you’re not afraid to dig in and find out for yourself.
    • Flexible and excited to work in a fast paced, rapidly evolving environment.


    • 5+ years release management professionally
    • Comfortable executing basic command line utilities (git, make)
    • Experience crafting the software release process for at least one ship vehicle
    • Experience leading large projects through design, implementation, and long term maintenance

Nice to have

    • Experience working on software build tooling and automation
    • Experience administering Harbormaster, Jenkins, TravisCI, or other build automation pipelines
    • Experience running an iOS or Android app release train process
    • Experience with git
    • Experience with linux