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Cloud Engineer at Swift Navigation
San Francisco, CA, US

Cloud Engineer

Swift Navigation is looking for excellent software engineers in cloud services and infrastructure. You will work with a small team to design, build, and deploy cloud services that will enable Swift Navigation to advance the state of the art in satellite navigation technology, making high accuracy positioning ubiquitous and easy to use across a wide variety of industries and applications in unmanned aerial vehicles, robotics, and autonomous transportation.
As a member of the cloud services team, you'll contribute and own distributed cloud services that will  be deployed world-wide and drive our mission of bringing high precision, autonomous navigation systems to the forefront of the industry.  These services will interact with networked sensors, be based upon service-oriented architectures (micro-services), scientific modeling services, and distributed message brokers for connected satellite navigation receivers.  You will also establish the foundation for internal infrastructure that will be shared broadly by Swift's R&D teams and enable them to move at high velocity.
Your work will impact all aspects of our development, deployment, and production pipelines as it can touch: rigorously validation of our hardware product in the lab and real-world environments;  automation frameworks for development, test, integration, and deployment at both the hardware and software levels; advanced data collection and analysis pipelines; and operational monitoring of our global services and infrastructure.
You should have experience with:
• Software engineering expertise in designing, creating, deploying, and running a production cloud service. 
* A deep understanding of distributed systems (pitfalls, scaling issues, residency, integrity) to include algorithms, data structures, data stores, and the use of database systems in these environments
• Haskell, or other typed functional programming languages including Scala or deep expertise with Java and the ability to learn new languages
• Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its related ecosystem (Docker, etc.) for application automation and monitoring or experience with similar ecosystems like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Services, or OpenStack
• Extraordinary problem solving, communication, and collaboration  skills. Flexibility and enthusiasm for learning new programming languages, tools, and ideas.
* Three Years Experience in a cloud service environment
Strong candidates will also possess skills in one or more of the following areas:
•  Experience with "real-time" sensor networks 
• Strong numerical analysis skills
• Have launched a cloud service from scratch
• Experience developing open-source products and utilizing open-source development tools

Swift Navigation is a diverse and inclusive team. We are an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds to apply regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability status, or other defining characteristics.

Headquartered in San Francisco, close to public transportation we are well financed. Swift offers unlimited vacation days, competitive salary and benefits, 401(k), a casual office environment, frequent catered lunches, hackathons and tech talks aiding one's professional growth in all our employees. Come join us!