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Executive Assistant at Instrumental
Palo Alto, CA, US
Instrumental is seeking an Executive Assistant to the CEO who will maximize the productivity of Instrumental’s leaders while playing an integral role in ensuring the company runs smoothly.  This role will rarely be the same from day-to-day – you'll simultaneously drive office and team-related initiatives, keep the CEO on track and organized so she can operate at peak performance, and be cultural glue across our organization.
What You’ll Do
Amplify Instrumental's CEO by creating new hours for her:
  • Manage and protect her day-to-day calendar to make sure she’s able to prioritize time for the highest leverage things she can be doing for the company
  • Proactively handle certain types of followup, responses, and prioritization, balancing internal and external stakeholders 
  • Execute on tasks large and small, including but not limited to booking travel, planning events, and executing on other tasks that streamline the executives and the organization
  • Draft correspondence on behalf of the CEO, prepare briefs for critical meetings, and draft slides or other materials for executive and Board of Directors meetings
  • Provide and manage access to critical company accounts, and assist with onboarding new Instrumentalists
  • Very light personal tasks
Run the day-to-day office operations of Instrumental and be our cultural glue:
  • Hire and manage office vendors – proactively identifying opportunities to consolidate or change what we’re doing to be more efficient, better quality, or to save money
  • Execute on office improvements or other special initiatives, such as team offsites
  • Fuel the team with the right mix of food and supplies
  • Welcome guests, candidates, and new hires to the office 
  • Be a barometer for the daily office vibe, proactively identifying opportunities to be impactful at key moments
We’re Looking for Someone Who:
  • Has experience as an Executive Assistant or in a related role
  • Is super organized with meticulous attention to detail and follow-through; nothing falls through the cracks because there are no cracks :)
  • Is positive, passionate, and energized by crossing things off the list!
  • Can instantly transition from being upbeat, fun, and high-energy for the team to being a professional representative of our executives when interfacing with customers, investors, and others
  • Is resourceful and can independently prioritize conflicting needs and juggle multiple high-importance, high-urgency matters
  • Is an excellent written and verbal communicator, with high EQ
  • Is a steel trap: has a proven ability to handle confidential information with discretion
  • Has a scrappy "get it done" attitude with zero ego
  • Is eager to get into a fast-growing startup, wants access at the highest levels of the business with ample future opportunities.
If you think you are a fit for this role, include seven sentences in your connection request to describe why you are interested in this position and what unique contributions you can make to the Instrumental team.  We won't consider applicants without this information.